International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation (IYAF) Bylaws

The aim of the IYAF is to support the overseas teaching of Yoshinkai Aikido. Through the federation, instructors worldwide have a direct link to the Honbu dojo and access to the following:

1. Instructor certificates
2. Kyu and dan certificates
3. Dojo registration Certificates
4. International Membership cards
5. Subsidized visits by Honbu Dojo and IYAF instructors
6. Instructors courses
7. Historical documents
8. Teaching materials, including videos


All Yoshinkan black belt students (yudansha) are eligible for IYAF instructor certificates. Issued directly by Soke Shioda Gozo, these certificates, or teaching licenses are valid for life. They establish a direct link with Soke Shioda Gozo. Holders of these certificates are registered instructors. No annual registration is necessary. Requirements are:

1) A dan ranking in Yoshinkan aikido 

2) A recommendation from an IYAF instructor ranked 3rd dan or higher. 

Instructors may grade students, obtain kyu and dan certificates from the IYAF, and use the name Yoshinkan Aikido and the Yoshinkan aikido symbol.  As instructors themselves are promoted, they may apply for certificates stating the grading responsibility of their rank.

Long term, within anyone country there will develop a number of registered instructors. These instructors may collectively form regional or national federations. Such federations should provide democratic representation for the interest of all member instructors. In certain countries, the political environment may make national federations useful. Only one national federation will be recognized by the IYAF.


Kyu and dan certificates are available for students graded by registered instructors. Kyu certificates are available for rankings beginning at 9th kyu and must be used from 3rd kyu. The student's name and kyu, the date and instructor's name will be filled in by the instructor. Dan certificates and children's' dan certificates will be issued individually by Soke Shioda Gozo. The student's name will be written on the certificate at the IYAF. Registration of gradings with the IYAF is necessary for gradings to be entered in the Yoshinkan records. Records of kyu and dan rankings should be submitted to the IYAF on a regular basis.


The IYAF can provide registration certificates for Yoshinkan Aikido dojos. These certificates prove that dojos are officially recognized by the IYAF. Only individuals approved by Soke Shioda Gozo may receive dojo registration certificates.


Membership with the IYAF is available to all students and instructors of Yoshinkan aikido worldwide. Membership is automatic for all persons belonging to existing or future Yoshinkan groups. No membership fee is necessary. In several countries, the political situation within the martial arts generates the need for physical evidence of membership. To provide this IYAF membership cards are available to those groups who wish to use them (see fees and conditions). These cards bear the internationally recognized Yoshinkan Aikido symbol, the students photograph, name, address, country and student number; and the name of the student's dojo.


To assist overseas groups, instructors from the Honbu dojo are available for overseas visits. Salaries are paid by Honbu dojo in the main, with a subsidy provided by the IYAF. The international airfare will be paid for by the IYAF, finances permitting. Honbu dojo instructors will participate in regular classes and conduct clinics, gradings, demonstrations, and instructor courses. Any group may invite instructors from the Honbu dojo. Accommodation can be in the form of a home stay. Visiting instructors may be utilized in fund raising by host groups. Dependent on finances, grants may be available for IYAF instructors to visit existing or future Yoshinkan aikido groups. Applications should be submitted to the IYAF.


The Honbu dojo has a wide variety of teaching materials: guidelines for kyu and dan techniques and tests, instructional videotapes and publications, and instructor courses and gradings. The international Instructors course is eleven months in duration. Shorter courses can be designed for those with time constraints.


The IYAF seeks to reduce the cost of instructors' licenses and to provide extensive support for all individuals involved in teaching Yoshinkan Aikido.
International Membership cards                        1,500
Instructor certificates (lifetime registration)      20,000
Dojo registration Certificates                             20,000

Instructor Certificates*
Dan Rank Grading Level Cost to Upgrade Cumulative Total
1st dan: 4th Kyu ** 20,000
2nd dan: 1st Kyu 5,000 25,000
3rd dan: 1st dan 5,000 30,000
4th dan: 2nd dan 10,000 40,000
5th dan: 3rd dan 30,000 70,000
6th dan: 4th dan 50,000 120,000

*Note: includes lifetime registration
**Initial registration at 1st Dan = 20,000


Fees from IYAF membership and instructors and dojo registration certificates will be used to subsidize overseas visits by Honbu Dojo instructors. Fees from kyu and dan rankings go directly to the IYAF for administration costs. All instructor, dan and dojo certificates will be written in Japanese, with an English translation on the reverse side. A special fee structure is available for economically less developed countries.

The fees for kyu and dan certificates are those applied in Japan. For dan tests administered by non-honbu dojo instructors, only 50% of the certificate fees must be submitted to the IYAF, the remaining 50% stays with the instructor.

Kyu Certificates: sets of five: cost 5,000

Dan Certificates
Dan Cost
1st 12,000
2nd 25,000
3rd 40,000
4th 60,000
5th 90,000
6th 120,000

If the dan grading is conducted by a Honbu dojo instructor, the following processing fee is also required:
Dan Fee
1st 2,000
2nd 3,000
3rd 3,000
4th 3,000
5th 3,000
6th 5,000

Time Requirements
The minimum time required between dan grading is as follows unless otherwise specified by the testing committee in consultation with Soke Shioda Gozo.
From  1st dan to 2nd dan
One Year
From  2nd dan to 3rd dan
Two Years
From  3rd dan to 4th dan
Three Years
From  4th dan to 5th dan
Four Years
From  5th dan to 6th dan
Five Years
From  6th dan to 7th dan
Six Years
From  7th dan to 8th dan
Seven Years
Note: Gradings for 5th dan and above are conducted only by Honbu Dojo instructors. Rankings of 6th dan and above are usually awarded through recommendation or invitation, although those who wish to test may do so.

Please add 10% to all fees to cover the cost of postage and handling - to a maximum of 5,000. For further details on the IYAF or Yoshinkan Aikido in Japan, please contact the IYAF, Japan.

IYAF Bylaws per original IYAF Bylaws 1990- with updated prices for Dan certificates, and the 10% shipping and handling fee capped at Yen 5,000, per June 1997 information notice from Honbu.