Photo Album and Media Clips

Sensei Larry Jones demonstrates the "Basic 8". These techniques are part of the requirements for Yellow and Orange Belts at the Sanbukan Dojo

Jeremy and DC performing the Kote-gaeshi series, slowed down showing the flip falls.

Basic Punching & Kicking Seminar

Bill Shank receives his Nidan and Teaching Certificates
from the Hombu Dojo in Japan

Photos of Barry Burrt's Nidan Test

The "Global Metaphysical Birthday" Bash Photos

Photos of Bill Shank's Nidan Test


Old clips of Mits Yamashita from BudoJujitsu

Al and Mits` night out Intro
Mits demonstrates Ukemi Ukemi
Defense against a baton Baton
Martial Arts and fear Fear
The importance of blocking Blocking
The importance of grappling Grappling
Martial Arts are a way of life The Way
The use of weapons Weapons
A nice effect during a kata Kata